Mandarin Chinese

I really want to start learning Mandarin Chinese again. I took it first year university, and didn't do too bad in it (B-), but opted out of it in later years. I really wane to pick it up again. I'd also love to learn Russian, Spanish and Japanese. If you can speak those, you're pretty much set for life.
I already know how to speak English (shocking) and also Norwegian, and a bit of French, but would love to learn a few more.
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2011

LOL. I started trying to read your key mash :P<br />
<br />
Over-studied syndrome: trying to see patterns where there are none.<br />
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You should see Paschar's profile... he literally sees words and colours in reverse. It's pretty amazing.

I can also speak key mash. Watch<br />
uoycgdouvg deofugdvg oiugoiv oif[wdefepwf pefgeqfh fpiuefeiofhg <br />
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It's not all that difficult to learn though.... :P<br />
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Yes, I have a long long long long to do list. But slowly (oh so slowly), I am getting there!

You speak English? I just thought you were fluent in Australian :P<br />
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A language is on my to-do list... but it's a long list :/