And want to be influent in French. Just know a little bit to not be lost in France or any french speaking country.
Japanese would be just awesome to learn.
And I wanna learn German cause I want to sound like I'm about to kill someone, but no srsly thats the only reason.
Russian b/c they have really cool accents and one of my best friends is russian so it'll be just so cool if i learned it.
Eamane Eamane
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2011

Start taking those language courses at your nearest community college or adult school. I took French for several years. I meet people who spoke french and read French newspapers and books and listened to French music. I especially love listening to music and singing along. I bet you would have a lot of fun learning all those languages. Japanese would be great to learn. Imagine reading all those cool mangas (Japanese Comics) or all the cool anima you could watch. Anyhow it's never too late to learn!!! Now that you have written it down... do it! Francais est tres jolie! J'espere que tu t'amuse.