I am inspired by people who have made a difference. Mother Theresa, Peace Pilgrim, Gahndi, Jesus, writers, poets, lawyers, doctors, mothers, fathers, artists. I am inspired by Peace Pilgrim who forsook all her belongings and walked from one end of the country to the next while being homeless. Her message was to repay evil for good. She started during the Korean war, and continued her efforts through Vietnam during a time people believed in war. She is like the most unsung unheard of peace activist that began the peace movement that no one seems to know about. She met a lot of people, practiced what she preached, and stayed young at heart throughout her life. I want to hear about others; especially those that aren't really mentioned. Reading about their courage in times of hardship teaches me the potential of our strength, and gives me the courage to keep going.
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You have taught me something new here today,thank you.