Please Do Share!

I like the openness, kindness, communion with nature and her energies, which seem to come with Wicca.

I have been an agnostic atheist for many years now, because I can't believe the idea that we are ruled and have been created by an anthropomorphic god or gods. While that hasn't changed, I am more and more inclined to believe in synchronicity, energies, and things which cannot be entirely explained or at all. I guess I am following my heart more and I am very interested in this particular religion. I feel this philosophy might suit me. I don't know. I'm not sure where to look, what to read, how to go about it.I read and copied the Wiccan Rede but that's it.

I just feel somehow more spiritual than before. More of a believer, while still a skeptic - if that makes sense. I like to consider myself tolerant either way.

So ... if you have any experiences with Wicca and want to share how you see it, please do share!
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If there's anything specific you'd like to know, I can probably answer your questions. :)

You are clever, in saying that there is no god, but there is more then we understand in the universe.

If you want to know more about edible plants, natural remedies, or any thing to do with nature I’m your guy. I know Wiccans are generally in to that kind of stuff, although I am not one, I just like nature.

Thanks for your response! I don't think that's really Wicca but I'm very interested! Please do feel free to message me with whatever you know and think is relevant. What has helped you most from what you know?

Well nothing has really helped me as such, I have money, I just like cooking up wild plants I find from time to time, which have often been quite tasty, it’s just a hobby really. It can be good to use ingredients that you have found for a change, rather than bought from a shop, it gives me a little sense of independence from the system, and when the weather is nice it’s good to be out doing something.

Nice. Have you planted your own ingredients?