Understanding Al-quran Is Interesting.

I admire those with knowledge..
-Nouman Ali Khan.
-RIS speakers.

I admire those with effort..
-Peter Casey

I admire those with good manner..
-Rasulullah s.a.w

Yet I'm still lacking..
Thanks with love to Rasulullah, for such words "ummati..ummati..ummati"
Those with the right path, shall fight for Rasulullah..

I wonder is there a compilation of particular book filled with only one type of hadith. So I could understand it without mixing it with the other type of hadith.
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I am here to help you

Hadith; jika hendak mempelajarinya memang bukan sesuatu yang mudah. Riyadhus Shalihin memang kitab yang bagus tapi sama jugak, memiliki 'types' of hadis yang berbeza.. Carilah guru yang dapat membimbing memahami ilmu hadis dengan baik. Satu demi satu, perlahan2 anda akan memahaminya InsyaAllah.

There is, Riyah us Salahin, its readily available. Insha'Allah it helps you on your quest for knowledge.

May Allah help us all.

(y) awesome. tqvm.

Your most welcome :D all the best! Feel free to ask any questions you may have :D