Zelim Da Naucim Srpski

If anyone can help me, I would be eternally grateful!!! ^_^
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I'm russian and ukranian. I can speak russian but I can't read or write very well, only childrens books. I wanna perfect my russian, and learn Ukrainian, Belorussian, polish, german, Yiddish, hebrew, and Serbian

Haha I use children's books for Serbian. Lol. I plan on going to Serbia next summer, because they have a language school there; so hopefully being there to absorb everything will help. I also listen to the music. I have definitely considered Russian, since the alphabet and some of the words are similar to Serbian, but I think I'll take that up when I get done with the first 3 languages. I'm glad to meet someone else that's ambitious about learning languages :) Oh and I was going to take Yiddish when I was younger, because my family belonged to a Jewish Community Center, but I never got around to it, I should have though ;)

I am going to school for Arabic and Spanish, and want to learn Serbian. I am a fourth Serb, but no one in my family or friends that know it will teach me :( So I am using this program called Byki to teach myself. What about you?

i m currently learning Arabic and am learning to write and i m using the same program as u. this in high school i m taking my 4 year of Spanish i speak it pretty fluently for a grienga i think. after i m done with arabic i plan to do russian, estonian, czech, irsih, scottish and hebrew i m a learning slowly so when i go to join the navy i can ace my tests real easy and when i get out of highschool in 2014 i will have a assciates in spanish

Hi fs9834 , <br />
I am also interested in learning new languages , What language are you learning ?

Srpski means serbian in serbian.