And I Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will learn many new languages including Egyptian Japanese Norwedgian Russian French and many more!!! I cant wait!!!!! I want to visit these places one day and it will really help to know the languages. Though for Japanese I prefer romaji because it looks cool!!!! I only know basic Japanese though!!! A little Russian and French but I will learn!!!!!
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If you really set your mind to it, of course you will learn! Best of luck!

That's a very high goal you have set for yourself; learning 5 new languages. Best of luck. I speak English, Spanish, Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Japanese.

I speak English, a great deal of Japanese, I can hold a short convo in French, that's about it<br />
<br />
I don't have a preferred language I like how easy they flow off my tongue while maintaining it's beautiful quality.<br />
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Arigato gozaimasu for informing me about the egyptians language/and/or lack of!<br />
<br />
See^^^^^^^^the romaji looks cool!

You are welcome , I like to learn new languages but unfortunately there is no enough time right now ,Shkran (: Arabic Thanks :)

very nice ! <br />
you're planning to learn new 5 languages , remember you have to do your best .<br />
I'd say there is no Egyptian language , you can say it is an accent of the mother language ; ARABIC<br />
What languages do you speak ?and what languages do you like most