I Want To Learn So Many Languages I Don't Know Where To Begin

The (top) languages I want to learn are:

1. Portuguese
2. Chinese
3. Gaelic
4. Arabic
5. French

I already know a good amount of Spanish and can hold my own in conversations but I am no where near "fluent." I also know a good amount of American Sign Language. Again, not fluent, but conversations are possible.

How did everyone learn their languages? Classes? Online sources? Books? CDs? Any tips would be great!
xfirespritex xfirespritex
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1 Response Jan 16, 2012

www.livemocha.com is a great source as is www.busuu.com<br />
I'd recommend taking the online classes there and then supplementing it with books and stuff that you can buy on your own. Most of the stuff at livemocha and busuu is free and that's why I love it, and you can earn your way to the more expensive stuff either by buying it with real money or buying it by correcting other people's submissions of languages you're fluent in. Look into those options, and if you can afford it, take classes at a local community college or something. Learning from a trained professor is always easier in my opinion.