I Want to Learn to Speak Chinese

Ever since I went to China with my family to adopt my sister, I've wanted to learn Chinese. China feels like a second homeland to me and I'd love to be able to speak Chinese and learn more about the homeland of 1/6th of world's population.
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am a postgraduate student who study in china, but the communication with people here is actually a big problem for me… so I decided to take some mandarin course online. After search online for some time, I choose the www.hanbridgemandarin.com
To be honest, the class is very good. The teachers here are very professional, the teachers are from China, and their English is great. I don't have too much foundation. But the set of course is fit for me to learn. I can have common conversation with Chinese people now. So if you guys also wanna learn mandarin well, I would like to recommend you Hanbridge Mandarin school.

I have found a great book that is downloadable. It is for beginners and really explains things well. You can find it on <br />
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http://www.manageablemandarin.com/default.html<br />
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lot of good stuff on that site.

You can learn Chinese online at home with native teacher. Touchchinese.com provides one on one Chinese Lessons, Try it. You can find your private teacher<br />
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Hi! I'm a Chinese guy, I'm learning English now. If you can teach me English, in return for this I'll teach you Chinese, standard mandarin. thanks!

Good for you.