I feel very lucky to have had this inborn desire to examine and analize everything. The first curiosity I was aware of was concerning climates and the fauna and flora of everywhere.  I'd read the atlas and peruse some locale wondering what grew there, what lived there.  As I grew older, I developed more interests.  Cultures, topography, religions and belief systems, herbal remedies, etc.  I've always been a right brained person, so my curiosity has always tended towards the abstract, rather than concrete subjects like mechanics and mathematics.
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Mmmmm, I get a mental picture.............grey.

Wow!! I knew we had a couple of things in common, but wow!! Are you sure we weren't separated at birth? Oh, wait. You're a lot younger than me. So you must be a long lost younger brother that I always wanted...<br />
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I bet we'd never starve or freeze in the woods.