i often think i had such a foolish youth. i was not nearly as focused on the important things in life as i should have one told me that when i would be 27 i would regret it...i had such a fun, loud, colourful, and crazy french teacher when i was in grade 8. she was this tall, skinny, vibrant and terribly frightening woman who always smelt of cigarettes but who had no concerns over who knew it. she had a rough nurturing quality that i will never forget. we had a great love / hate relationship. she knew i couldn't stand her classes and she both tried to prove me wrong but also accepted my defiance...that was our dynamic all year. in the end, sadly i won. i chose not to continue with french. i regret that...i probably would not know more than i do now but i at least would have been able to say i took french in school......if ever i am compelled to learn it again it will certainly be in the memory of my

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Everything is possible.<br />
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Funny to see you sign as BF, still. <br />
Language skills rarely offer a second chance I must say. It's hard enough to fail once and live with the trauma of it but coming back to it knowing it's harder than when you were younger is altogether a new challenge. <br />
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It seems in this case that you enjoyed the personality more than the skills of the teacher... A familiar experience may present itself at your door, in French or otherwise :-)