You Teach Me, I Teach You

This group is based on my belief that everybody has something they can teach me. If not by something they say, then by something they do. Even saying the wrong thing or doing something foolish can provide others with wisdom and insight into what not to do. So I want to learn from you, and I hope that others will also want to learn from you as well. So I'll start this group out with two simple facts of life and business that did not originate with me, but are well-established concepts.

--In advertising, and business, word of mouth is the most powerful tool you can utilize.

--In Public Relations, which is now regularly coupled with advertising, perception is reality. It doesn't matter if something Is true, it only matters if other people believe it to be so. However, this is not meant to be a shady principal. Good business practice dictates that if you say your product or service can do something, you had better deliver it, or the previous principal will be your downfall. People are more likely to tell a negative story ten times to ten different people than they are to tell a positive story twice to two different people. Ok, so I made those numbers up, but the concept is true.

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absolutely true...even two years later...

Heres a lesson I learned. The same mouth that praises God shouldn't theoretically cast out too much foul language.<br />
<br />
So watch your tongue its a reflection of where your heart is and your mind.

thank you, I find my writing borders on the minimilstic. I'm more Hemmingway than Faulkner.

I really like the way you write,percise and to the point.

I really like the way you write,percise and to the point.

I really like the way you write,percise and to the point.

oooh that is an excellent idea. Frugal and fresh-smelling.

haha really? that's a beautiful piece of knowledge, since I hate ironing, folding clothes, or hanging clothes up.

Hmmm. *thinking*<br />
<br />
If you don't like to iron, throw your item of clothing in the dryer with a damp towel. Usually does the trick!<br />
<br />
That's your handy household tip for the day :)

not possible to live life without hurting anybody emotionally, it's impossible to know exactly what would hurt someone, untill it's to late. But we should never hurt someone intentionally, there I am with you. A very noble thing to attempt.

That is a good one to remember. Fairly easy to follow physically, but it is a lot harder living life without hurting anybody emotionally. Still, we must try.

So how do you write an effective letter then? What are som ekey components?

Well, you can actually get free stuff by complimenting and phoning the company or for instance - Celestial Teas once sent me a coupon for a free box of tea because I told them that Lipton had started making green tea with flavors and that they should do the same. They actually sent me a coupon for free tea and explained that the could not compensate me monetarily for my idea - Ha! I was only trying to get free tea anyone could've said that, lol. No, what I meant was writing to get results - in general. Like say - you don't like your landlord raising your rent and you'd like to challenge that or why your boss should give you a raise. Maybe you'd just like to send a letter to someone you owe money to but don't want to pay back. It could be anything. However, I know how to get steals not necessarily free stuff - how I wish!

Like writing to companies to get free stuff? haha that is awesome! Yes, please teach me that. I'll gladly teach you timing.

I'll teach you how to write and get anything you want from a letter - and you can teach me. . . comedic timing?

Just one button? I don't know, sounds kind of complicated.

haha well most men can't, myself included

haha good. I expect nothing less.

then I will give you my .... everything ....

Oh I am sure you can teach me a lot. I am sure that I will learn something from you without you even knowing it or trying to teach me. That's what this group is about, learning from anything and everything. There is wisdom to be found in everything.

Oh, I don't see what I can possibly teach you, but I am sure we will work something out! ;)

Thanks, seadragon, I'd love to teach you the few things I know

Thanks, kinkitty, I am glad you learned something. Now I look forward to learning something from you.

You already taught me something! I am joining!

Well, I hope it will be great. I want to learn something from you. So join the group and post something. Anything.

haha and what is canoodle?