What Music Makes Me to Do

I really started lovin music in german, all types of music.even hip-hop that i hate in english, i love in german.

i started to be obssesive to this language. i really love it.

and what funnt in all this is that my grandmother wanted me to learn german and only after she died i started to want to learn. it's kind of sad...

I'm supposed to fly to german for smo weeks so my german will improve..

i really love this language...even if most of the world hates it...


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3 Responses Apr 19, 2008

OMG I'm the same. I'm obssesed with this language. xD<br />
I listen to a lot of music in German and also read. <br />
I don't understand why does everyone loves French so much?? I think that German is WAY cooler.

try this ,search on google.alex feat yass.this is a number of dance music.such as ,set the sails.ein bisschen nymphoman.euphorie,and a list of others

I dont think most of the world hates it. I have never met anyone who did. I love music in german too even though I dont understand it and want to learn it.