What Music Makes Me to Do

I really started lovin music in german, all types of music.even hip-hop that i hate in english, i love in german.

i started to be obssesive to this language. i really love it.

and what funnt in all this is that my grandmother wanted me to learn german and only after she died i started to want to learn. it's kind of sad...

I'm supposed to fly to german for smo weeks so my german will improve..

i really love this language...even if most of the world hates it...


Girl13 Girl13 16-17, F 4 Responses Apr 19, 2008

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OMG I'm the same. I'm obssesed with this language. xD

I listen to a lot of music in German and also read.

I don't understand why does everyone loves French so much?? I think that German is WAY cooler.

try this ,search on google.alex feat yass.this is a number of dance music.such as ,set the sails.ein bisschen nymphoman.euphorie,and a list of others

You don't say how far you have got! I have been trying to learn German from CD's, often when driving, plus books. I travel too much to make an evening class worthwhile. Progress is extremely slow! The only people I have heard say they dislike the language are the elderly, whose exposure was limited to Nazi rants on newsreels. When it is spoken normally, it is gorgeous to listen to, even if you don't understand a lot of it.

I dont think most of the world hates it. I have never met anyone who did. I love music in german too even though I dont understand it and want to learn it.