Need Help Please

I am needing/asking anyone who can speak German & also understand English to better enhance my German language skills. Is there anyone who maybe able to help me with this.
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I am German. If you are interested to learn my Language contact me.

Thank you, I am not discouraged by what you are saying. I realize its going to be hard and that I am going to need alot of help & some guideness. Alright alot of guideness, but I am up for it. I am learning some of the masculine, feminine & neuter saying now. It would be awesome to hear someone speak it, but at the same time since I don't know much words I would get lost. I do have a friend who lives in Germany that we are chatting on the weekends and she corrects me. (when i say chatting I mean like this, but instant messenger). I have been using google translater alot - where you put in a sentance or pharse and you can hear it translated in German. Any help you are willing to give me is so appreciate and I look forward to your advice. I know a class would be good, but I just feel that if I could do this one on one I would learn so much more. <br />
again danke

I would like to know the language - right now I only know the basic words about 140 roughly of different words - yes I am aware it is hard, but I am up for the challenge. I am hoping to learn enough so that perhaps one day I may go to this beautiful country. I just really need someone one to chat with so I can learn new words & don't lose words that I have already learned & how to spell. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate anything you could do. danke