Quite Difficult, But...

Since I love learning foreign languages, I've tried to learn German for quite a long time now. Nine years ago I even attended an intensive course in Wien, Austria and it was very useful. I made big progress: studying while living for a month in a German-speaking country proved to be the best thing to understand and speak the language. Unfortunately, later I couldn't attend any more courses so I tried self-learning, but of course it's not that easy to stick it into an already busy daily schedule. I've forgotten a lot, can still understand something but speaking would be very very difficult for me now. Which is a real shame, I admit! Any suggestions?

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Sure. Online there's lots. Where do you live?

try this go on google chrome ,write in engish press for german language now you read in german.now you can understand both.

Hi we are a Foreign Language Academy who try making it simple and fun to learn a Language. We are however in Gurgaon and can't say if that will be of help to you.<br />
<br />
You could contact us at info@appliedlanguages.org or +91-9650508508

try skype,i speak a bit of german.or any one in germany