I Love German But Don't Have Time To Learn

I really love German as a language, I like the way it's written, the way it's said. The sound of German is kind of sexy. My teacher said she loves German because it's the language of logic. But that's also the reason why I always find it difficult.

I started learning German from June 2009. I finished the first two courses for beginners in Oct 2009. Then I began my 3rd year at the University and I don't have time for German evening classes. At this moment, I'm pretty busy all the week. I don't have time to sleep enough, let alone to study German. But I really want to learn German. A lot of people I know learn German to go there to live and study. To me, learning German is a hobby, one of the things that keeps me calm and relaxed. I want to go to German someday, but not to study or work. Just want to go there to travel, to enjoy the culture and everything.

So If any of you here can help me with my German, I truly appreciate. Can you show me any way of learning German with very limited time? Maybe 20 minutes a day or something? I really need your help here!!!

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Btw its Germany not german

Thanks a lot! I tried that card thing long ago. Guess I'm not the patient kind of person, but I will try to learn vocab like that again. I will try to spend at least 20 minutes per day for German. I also listen to German songs quite a lot, I have to say music really helps. It also gives you more motivation to learn languages.

try this you write your story in english now select language german now you can both read and understand your story in german if you would like to sing in german take a look at my story's on what to do.