Most Recent Experience

I have had this ability since I can remember. It has affected my life for so long now that it just seems as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me. I feel alone and isolated and didnt realize until recently believe it or not that my "gift" even had a name or that there was anyone else in the world who felt like me.
Most recently just the other day, my husband and I were driving to work, and out of the blue my tongue felt like i stuck it in a scalding hot cup of coffee, the entire day and into the night it felt as though i had burnt my tongue and i couldnt figure out why, all i knew was that it hurt, i couldnt taste anything and i was annoyed. It made no sense to me other than i knew someone close to me had in fact burnt their tongue, i just had no clue who it was.
2 days later i get a phone call out of nowhere from my 3rd oldest daughter (who is 1700 miles away from me) and she started the conversation with "mom, the other day I was eating a bread stick and I burnt my tongue". My heart hit the floor, it seems as though as many times as it happens i cannot seem to get used to it. She proceeded to tell me that she could not feel one side of her face and that she felt funny, i immediately told her to go to the hospital where they diagnosed it as Bells Palsy. I knew something was wrong but like so often when i get those feelings i try to justify and deny at the same time. I am tired of the stress of not being able to live a normal life and finally I have decided instead of fighting it (which drains what little energy i have) that i am going to embrace it as the gift that it is. Any helpful suggestions or just support would be greatly appreciated.
tammythumma tammythumma
May 14, 2012