I started a job and it felt so negative there , or maybe it was the other employees but i just wanted to run out and cry , knowing if i left i wouldnt feel that way. As bad as i needed to keep the job i just deal with it evryday, by blocking it out with drugs i heavily sedate myself with all types of different pain pills and tht helps but wen im home and sober up i cry how i was belittled or treated tht day.Also a guy at my apt. Bldg. Has a severe mental health disordr icannot block it out and i end up feeling mentally ill so i totally avoid him i often feel like little electrik shocks or jolts going threw my body all ovr i really want to know wat tht is all about ?
holly7969 holly7969
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You need to build a defense. I picture a blue bubble around me. This blue bubble absorbs all negative energy and allows positive energy in.