I always got feelings that I could tell weren't My own now more than ever I feel so much anger and pain and idk were or who these feeling are coming From it seems easier to exclude myself from everyone to avoid more but it is not a way I want to enjoy life I've always wanted to help others kids or animals mostly but idkhow with whatever is going on is running my life
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

For example last night I had a dream that a child put a red thumb tack in my eye everyone was scared of her as I pulled it out I woke up all I wanted to do was go back and help her I even tried but it seemed to back fire; my dreams are in color yet they seem dark like the lights are off but I could tell the dream took place at maybe 3 or 4 it was still day light and very vivid she had blond hair blue eyes and wearing a red jacket and she was probably about 5 or 6 years old. another example everyone remembers 9-11 I was in homeroom in 9th grad when they turn on the TV to watch what happened on the news and I had to excuse my self so I could go to the bathroom and cry I didn't know anyone in the planes or the buildings. whenever my kids fell I could tell if they were really hurt, or scared from the fall and I could always cheer them up with a bit of humor. Right now its going way to far it difficult for me to even get out of bed if any one could help I would appreciate it