Dance Phase Gone

In middle school I danced at parties, I used to look at music videos and try to mimic the dancers. People laughed, not everybody just a few, and so I guess I stopped then. I haven't been able find my rhythm so to speak since. I dance around the house like I'm goofy but I'd like to seriously dance. I took tango lessons for one day at college, it was scary. Not because I couldn't dance but because being so close to a man, or woman who wasn't my lover was so weird. Two years ago I went to DC to visit my college roommate and I went to a club for the first time, it was her first time to. We didn't know it was a gay/straight club but we had major fun and i want that again. No idea why I can/can't dance around certain people I know but I'd like to learn something choreographed one dream dance goal is to do a sexy number for my fiance.

I've tried youtubing a few supposedly easy moves but I need a professional, ha.
XioBlue XioBlue
22-25, F
Mar 19, 2012