The First Time I Breast Fed My Lover

After the birth of my son, my first child and after all the emotions that go with that first time his little mouth nuzzled close to my heart and how my breasts gave him life my heart was forever changed. Such beauty comes with being a woman who nurses. I didn't even realize the change and adoration my lover had in my new fascinating ability. He was always close and near watching as our child fell asleep as his little belly filled. One particular night my son had fallen asleep and my breast were swollen with milk and my nipples dripped as I walked toward him in one of his thirst he watched me with calculating and seductive eyes. It was the first time we had a moment to ourselves. He smiled and waltzed over to me the sound of my sons baby relaxation music traveling from where he slumbered. I needed to nurse. Needed to feel that relief. He pulled me to his lap and massaged my breast until there was a steady stream making its way down my chest. He smiled at my response and lifted my shirt up and off. He laid me down on the couch and lowered his mouth to my breast and tasted what he had seen my son been satisfied with for a month. He laid down on top and latched on. Suckling one then the other as I watch him I relaxed and felt myself bond to him each tug at each nipple. We made love after they were drained and laid exhausted, happy and intimately enjoying the joy of parenthood and all it's wonders. My lover is gone but the memory of the rush and the bonding still haunts me. My son is almost 2 years old now and my mind and body misses the rush of that moment and the moments after where my lover needed me so he felt apart of the experience and I needed him to relieve the pressure of my full breasts. That need and bond is what led to greater intimacy and sexual pleasure. We unfortunately parted ways and became people we wanted and needed to be. And I just wish to share that experience, bond and joy with my current man and my woman now. Unfortunately she is a currently located too far away and he is a soldier and taking college classes. However I am excited to jump into this journey to feed both spirit and body of the joys of breast feeding.
Divinetogether Divinetogether
22-25, F
Jan 21, 2013