I would to learn the drums! I feel that the drums are my kinda instruments...if you know what I mean.
I have played other instruments before but have never felt much of a connection to them. I listen to songs an image the drums patterns....
God how I would love to play the drums.
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Me too !!!

I saw u hearted my post, want mento explain the basic thought processes behind playing drums?

Yes please :)

Very basics are clear ur mind of any rhythm u think will be good at first. Then start a basic hi hat snare and bass rock beat. Think of every limb separately, slowly expand on the beat, like very slowly as in completely master one change at a time so you can combine any/all the changes you want separately. Every 4 or 8 measures, depending on when you want to, do basic fills(kinda like a 1 measure soloist thing usually with cymbal at the end) then go back to the beat you are doing. If u can't come up with new changes to the beat, either look them up or take a part from two changes and kinda put them together, see if it sounds cool. Never get a second opinion on if it sounds cool, if it sounds cool to you, then it's fine. After you master a LOT of different changes to the basic rock beat, then switch to a different type of beat (jazz is usually second, but it's ur choice of course) and do the exact same thing. Next, try to play along witha favorite song, but with one of YOUR beats, not the one in the song. Keep on choosing different beats until you like the sound of it. After you keep good at the rock beat, it gets easier to expand, and stays just as fun. Not sure if I mentioned it earlier(to lazy to scroll up) but combine different changes to the basic beat you are doing to make up even more complex patterns that you will be able to play easier because it consists of things u have already learned. If you want me to go more in depth about why do to this, then just ask, and please say which part you want to know me to go more indepth about, if it's just one or two parts of it. Hope this helps;)