I Was Self-taught

My brother wanted to play violin when he was 15, so my uncle bought him one for his birthday. He practiced for about a month then decided he was over it.

So he gave it to me. I watched a couple of "how-to" videos and taught myself a few tings, and ended up teaching myself how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb. I gave an impromtu recital for my dad and brother, and when my brother laughed his head off, I put the violin away and never picked it up again. lol

Now though, I'm over the ridicule, and I really want to learn by a pro how to play a violin.

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I'm learning on youtube with my 7 year old daughter's 1/2 violin. I may have to purchase a full size one. It can always be used for her later too.

Um... sorry, no. I need it if I'm going to take lessons. lol

Also read this article its kinda sad<br />
google<br />
violinist in the metro egodialouges.com

Wow <br />
can i hav it?