Hmmm...girls Just Wanna Have Fu-uuuun!!

I am in the process of getting divorced. I recently broke up with my boyfriend (mutual). Yes I said married with a boyfriend.
So anyway, I have been wanting to get my motorcycle license for what seems like forever. My father has had a Harley for 15 years and rode since he was a kid. I grew up around bikers. I am over 30 now and dang it...I want one too. And you know what? To hell with anyone else that doesn't want it for me. Eff that. This is about me and my life and what I want to experience in it. So I will do this. My goal is to take the safety course here in SC by the end of the year. I need to save money for a bike and all the gear and taxes and all that fun stuff. But I am hoping that within the next 6 months, I can be on top of my own Harley. Daddy has a Softail Custom, but I want me a Fat Boy. Those are some sweet @$$ rides.

I even went to one of those Lady Garage Parties that the Harley dealerships put on for us female riders and wannabe riders. It was phenomenal. So much fun. I finally sat on a bike and felt confident that I was NOT going to knock them all over as a result. Sat on a bunch of bikes and the Fat Boy is the one for me. I sat on a 2010 Fat Boy Lo that was black denim. I was like oh boy but you're a nice one huh fella? And it occurred to me...I named that bike. I know people sometimes name their cars, trucks, bikes, guns, etc. I never gave it much thought. But that bike spoke to me. Malachi. I had to look it up but do you know what that name means? My angel.

I have been through a ton of crap that is still somewhat raining down on me. However, I feel that with this goal in place I will find happiness for myself and open up doors that I never knew existed.

Broom broom people. I am gonna get me a Harley.
WickedFunGirl WickedFunGirl
31-35, F
Jul 25, 2010