I'm Growing Restless

I sent a text to my boss saying I wasn't keeping well and couldn't make it. I lied. And this is the fourth lie of a similar kind since the year began.
I did this before with my last job as well, but I used to detest that place. I've been at this place for more than two years now, and this is happening, at this intensity, for the first time. If I have to draw parallels, I believe it is time for me to leave. But I already knew that. However, getting a job you like if difficult. Liking the job I have is beginning to get very difficult too.

I know I have to break out of this phase, and if anyone has solutions send them this way, 'cauze I'm stuck! I've tried to wrench myself away from the bed, the books and the TV, but they are so far appealing than anything else, I can hardly let go. Any approaching weekend races my heard, and the thought of a Monday, races my heart too, albeit for entirely different reasons!

This cannot go on. But I so wish I had something different to go to. I know I'm the only one who can bring that different about, but that doesn't stop me from wishing someone could take over my life, just for a couple of days, make things right and give it back to me to live.

As I said...just a wish.

saturnchild saturnchild
26-30, F
Mar 11, 2012