To Open New Worlds!

Well language has never been a passion to me. I mean, when I was younger it was never a priority or a big desire, I had of course to learn English at least, as people always said it would be important in my future. The thing is sometime along the way I came to realize that the world that I had before me was so much bigger the moment I understood English, how could I not see that earlier!? Movies, books, music, Internet, a new culture, or several, in its essence would be now available to me.

In another time a friend of mine started to study Japanese and invited me to watch a free class with him, "well, why not?" I said. My first impression during the class was how funny that language was, or how much I found it, but despite the vast difference between this language and mine I was fascinated. I already had same knowledge about Japanese culture, I as far as I knew I liked it, but the thought about how much I could open another new world with that skill made me start Japanese classes, and though two years later I had to stop it due to personal reasons, the things I've learned about a different culture was priceless.

My last contact with a different language was two years ago when I studied German for one year. This time was for professional reasons, and I honestly had no knowledge of their culture at all, what was some kind of a challenge at a moment. But to pass that I did an extensive research about the countries that spoke German, what interesting aspects they have, and what could I expect if by chance I was able to travel to any of them. Well, the result was excellent, I became eager to learn it, and to travel there!

The next step in this "journey" is to improve my Spanish skills, though I have studied them during my high school I can only say they are terrible now. I'm doing this because I'm planing an amazing backpacking trip trough the Patagonia region, around Argentina and Chile, don't know if it's a passion, but I always was eager to travel!

Well in the end I realized that if you have the proper skill to see it, to understand it, all the world in its greatness it's just in front of you!
dailyrunner dailyrunner
22-25, M
May 21, 2012