In The Process Of Learning Spanish

Ok so I am a college student and I was told that I had to take a language class in order to get my degree. Because of where I live, I decided to take Spanish.

I decided though that I actually want to make an effort to learn and remember the language, not just get my grade and forget all about it.

I was wondering if anyone on here has any recomendations or advice on how to learn another language. How did you guys get success in mastering another language? I was also wondering if there is anyone who speaks fluent Spanish who would want to message back and forth in beginner level Spanish so that I could get practice.
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If you can speak a little very week, you will definitely see improvements quickly. I practice online using various sources such as and skype.. both via video calling. Yes and verbs are difficult, the more you can use them the better.

Read and listen a lot. That's the best way. There is a point when you can even switch the language in your mind and you actually start thinking in your second language.
My first language is Spanish. I attended a bilingual school as a child but what really helps in everyday practicing: music, internet, books, etc. Find interesting Spanish sites and never be shy. Nobody expects you to be perfect. Verbs are pretty tough and even native spanish speakers really suck in grammar and spelling, lol.

lol i know, my best friend is fluent in spanish and sometimes i ask her questions about grammer or the proper use of something and shes like uhhhh i cant really explain it but i can help u learn when to use it and not use it. I think the music idea is excellent and I am going to try to find something I like. Books too! What languages do you speak and where did you go to school that it was bilingual? Where are you from?

I only speak spanish, english and a little french. I was lucky enough. My parents could afford a private school. In my country, private schools are usually bilingual, since spanish is not so global you know. My children are going to attend a bilingual school too, now they are four, but instead of french as a third language they are introducing chinese now. Lol. I can't wait to hear them practicing!!
I really love languages. :-)
It's easier when you learn as a child but you have to keep practicing. If you don't use it, you loose it.