Hello Multilingual Friends

Ok so this is more of questions rather than a story but here goes. For all of you who speek more than one language, what languages do u think are the hardest to learn and which do u think are the easiest? I personally want to learn French and Italian and I am in the process of learning Spanish. Also, can anyone recomend any books in spanish that I can read that are not too advanced for practice with the language?
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I think chinese is rather hard. My uncle who is fluent in cantonese says not to bother, because it'll be too difficult, and even if i master it, it won't be as useful as spanish. but then again, i also find that any language that requires trilled r's is difficult because i can't make that sound.

as for finding useful spanish books, wouldn't it be best to start off with children's books? i mean, think of a children's book you remember reading in elementary school. goosebumps, the magic tree house, poems, or even "run spot run" type books, if they're in english there's always a spanish equivalent. or try to find "le petit prince" but in spanish. i know that the 3rd year french class at my school had to read it, and the english version was popular in elementary school, so there should be a spanish version that you could read

lol it seems like everybody can agree on chinese being the most difficult language in the world to learn

Yes Chinese isn\'t a language I would even try to attempt.