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I want to be able to communicate effectively (fluently) with people of different cultures. I took Spanish in high school and college, and can somewhat understand and have a conversation with a Spanish speaking person. This is most useful because I am in the medical profession and so many patients in Ohio are Mexican. I also want to learn Italian because my boyfriend is full blooded Italian (but American, so he can't speak the language), and he wants to learn his native language so I think I might too. I have been going to this website where you listen to these great podcasts for FREE that teach you how to speak Italian! After listening to only 8 of them so far, I would be able to begin a conversation with an Italian. I HIGHLY recommend this website if you would like to learn Italian.

Ciao means hello AND goodbye. Piacere (pee-uh-cherry) means "nice to meet you". "Mi chiamo (your name)" means "my name is."

As for French, it seems so complicated to me.. I can read it okay, but listening to someone, I don't know. There are just too many unpronounced letters. I can't handle it. But I would like to learn it passably just because I want to go to France - I love France. I've never been there but I love it. And I hear that if you go to France and don't know how to speak the language or don't even try, the french people will hate you.
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Hola preciosa puedo enseñarte español

Que tengas suerte!

Alors,bonne chance!