Even though I have a really crappy long term memory from concussion issues and high levels of stress for a long time, I'm intermediate in Finnish and nearly fluent in French! I'm planning to learn 8+ other languages, it's a very good exercise for my brain, and I use it to relieve stress- not cause it. I'm very good at learning languages and catch on fast. My next one is Icelandic, it should be fun.
I've been learning Finnish for almost 4 months: I know how to conjugate verbs to the past, imperfect, and present tenses for all pronouns and verb types. I know about 25 rections, many nouns, 75 or so verbs, 100 or so adjectives. I know lots of conjunctions, too. I could scrape along in a Finnish-only environment.
I've been learning French for about 2 years: I can read articles and only have to check a few words or phrases. I can hold conversations, describe events, etc.

Also sorry if I am misusing this, I've never really used EP before ;-;
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און יידיש לערנסט דו אויך

this is exactly the right way to use EP, et je te souhaite bonne chance!

Yay :D merci!