My whole life i have felt strangely spiritual, not in the sense that i am spiritual, just that i felt spiritual. i have earnestly tried out several religeous paths, but none felt right. Christianism just felt, incorrect. And the various pagan religions felt incomplete. I always over looked satanism, shrugged it off as a joke of a religion, because they are the bad guys in media, and the rumors, and the fear. My dad always said that modern satanism is a result of bratty children who's parents force fed them catholisism and are now acting out. But i have opened my mind and honestly it feels right! But every where i have found, it doesn't seem legit. Like one group hates the Jews and another says **** like **** yeah on there website, and another denounces lucifer as there father entirely! How could you claim to be a satanist and yet deny the core principle of the word. Please if any one out there feels like me or knows the proper way please talk to me
truthplz truthplz
Nov 26, 2012