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Everytime I log on to the EP, I am frankly ASTOUNDED by the wealth of knowledge that ppl possess here. I greatly admire everyone who has an opinion on any issue, everyone who speaks up or out about something they are passionate about. Everyone who does so inspires me to learn more about the issue, to talk to my friends and family about it, to want to be a better person.

The opinions and theories that surround the Iraqi War & President Bush is one topic that I am quite ignorant of. All I know is what the media tells us, and the information I have gleaned and understood from the many opinions of those wiser than me. Other than to say Bush is an [insert insulting term], I still don't know much about why - besides the fact that he is vague and deceptive and power-hungry. See? This is an example - whenever I see a post relating to this on my wanderings through the EP, I read it and add it to the opinions lined up in my head.

I'm really quite humbled by what ppl know and theorise, and then discuss as easily as if they were discussing the weather. Often I am too scared to add in my two cents worth in "real life" bc ppl there are so passionate and look and sound as if they will bite! :P

It all goes to show again how the EP is so AWESOME eh? I love that I can browse and learn from everyone in any area. You just can't get the same access to ppl's true beliefs and thoughts in real life, and therefore I think that I could actually be learning more from the EP than "real life"! But as long as I'm learning, eh?

Peace, and keep teaching! :D

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Well I am so bright my mom used to call me Sunny. Cheers!