OMG... Mom Alex Started It!

So I get this email w/ "You're gonna love my new group" and sure enough I DO!! Ms. Alex you are too funny... but just for you, here I am and ready to play. I'm gonna start with one of my favs and you take it from there.... I say one per story, great detail, get the blood pumping... sound like a plan?! :P

Oh this is gonna keep us soooo busy woman!! I'd like to invite all chicki's to join in! ROFLMLWAO!!

*For those who don't understand MSPALEX language...

Rolling On Floor Laughing My Lilly White *** Off! <did i get that right Alex> giggle

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5 Responses Jul 29, 2007

OMG too funny! This is such an old one...

I'd like to take u'r class please

"SEX ED" Is that supposed to be a call to arms LoL ;-)

i wanna be in class with you

Oh my sweet Alex... you are too funny. I live through my past and would love to play this way again... ah but the memory is a great thing and I shall keep my dream alive with just that. LMAO So if this is gonna work we need everyone's help... Well class Sex Ed has now begun... MMUUAAAHHH!!!