Hood of My Car

As promised here's the first and oh such a fav...

Me, in his shirt, sitting on the hood of my car, waiting for you. You walk up and we hug, tight, long, much needed. You pull back just a bit and smile, that I'm about to be in trouble kinda smile and I can't wait. You lean in and press your lips to mine, hard so I feel it, oh how I want to feel it. Your tongue begins to sneak in and you take my face into your hands for better control. You go down to my neck and begin to kiss and suck hard, leaving your mark. While sucking your hands begin to wander and they find my *** through the shirt. Slowly they start to go down and then up under the shirt, there won't be much time for play this is going to be a hot and heavy, right to the point, straight up ****. Holding my *** you pull me in close. I can feel your **** hardening against me. I reach down and unbutton your pants letting him out to breath. As soon as he's out you lean me back against the car, grab one of my legs under the knee and lift me up to you. You're so big and strong and you hold my body up and shove your hard **** into me. I'm holding on to the hood near the wind shield as you pump harder and harder... wanting better leverage you pull out, turn me around and back in he goes. I'm spread eagle on the hood now, *** in the air, and you are pounding me to no end. My fingers hurt from trying to hold on yet you just keep going. Oh you want to *** so bad baby.... harder and harder you can hardly stand it and ooohhhhhhh yyyeeesssss!!!

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Me too, lol I am always digging around for them, they are usually the better ones! =)

I love when someone finds an old story... too cute!

Great story...<br />
and who knows, windsheild wipers that are on sounds like an interesting turn for the better.. haha

make sure the windsheld wipers are not on....

ROFL... too cute!

Be sure your hood can handle it. It's not too cool to have a butt shaped dent in the car hood to explain.

wow. i'm so about to *** right here, right now. i need to stop reading at work....especially these kinds of stories!

Really great story!

Nice story...next time, I think he would go for your *** as well, though...no sense letting a great setting go to waste!

Great story ! wish i was there to help you hang on heh! heh!heh!

Umm, great story--was on the hood of a car once in my life (sad to say) it was my '74 Dodge Challenger-guys name was Bill---didn't get as far as this--respect thing-anyway--next morning-I had a nice smile as I was driving work and saw the outline of my body on the hood-from the dust/pollen---oh what a memory--geez-wonder where Bill is now? Hmm?

surprise me she says w/ a smile...