Rockin' to Bliss

My man is always up for a new position. Sometimes they don't work out as planned and sometimes I call him a genious afterwards. This one particular position felt great during and hurt afterward! We have a rocker glider with an ottoman that sits right next to our living room window. One night we where in the living room floor gettin' down and dirty when he gets up and shuts the blinds. He sat me on the ottoman and him in the rocker and  pushed the two peices of furniture together. At this point we are facing each other and my legs are strung across his. I leaned back and pulled my legs up to his head and we went to town!! Rocking back and forth, the blood rushing to my head and my back starting to cramp from lack of support. I didn't care though, it was fun! The rocking chair does all the work for you so if it wasn't for the fact that my face was starting to turn a bright red from the blood rush we could have done this all night long. When we were done though, I had a serious burn on my back from the fabric on the ottoman rubbing me!!! I was all worth it though!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
6 Responses Jul 30, 2007

Try that again with rope. *wink*

man i will have to do that sonds like FUN!!

Well welcome to our little girls club... can't wait for the next story... lol

Yep, and he did just that!!!

Sounds to me you'd get off trying The Swing . . . look it up, it's WELL worth it . . .

sounds like i would pay more attentiion to the aches and bloodrush than to the sex actually. XD but nice. :)