My Science Project

I found parkour on the internet (where else?) and wanted to learn it. At the same time, two of my friends and i were trying to figure out what science experiment to do. I "remembered" about parkour and how maybe we could do something about physical learning and blah blah blah. So we did a survey on some friends and us practicing prkour for about a week and i was definitely the best. Some of the others were better in some aspects, but 1) i loved parkour and 2) i was more flexible and 3) i was nimble-er. So now i REALLY want to start practicing and i am now doing push-ups and crunches and running in my room (i would run outside but its complicated right now. Maybe in a month i can actually run or ride my bike outside :)
edmalone edmalone
13-15, M
Jan 22, 2013