I Really Want To Learn It!

I eager to learn physics or even maybe chemistry and biology. I missed almost all my school lessons on these subjects, and now, studying in the university, i really wish i wasn't such a lazy badass that time...
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1 Response May 19, 2012

You can still learn about anything you want from the internet or buying popular physics book, its never too late (i can give you suggestion for popular physics books if you want)

If you want to study physics then I recommend Halliday or Serway college physics, I used Serway and its excellent to use it to study at home by yourself, it contains 30 chapters explaining mechanics and thermodynamics, electricity, nuclear, relativity, and quantum(I have a pdf copy of it on my computer I can send it to u if you want ). If you want to read popular theoretical physics (and I stress popular so people like us with no advanced mathematical background can understand) to know the current theories about the big bang and string theory and black holes...etc, then I recommend Brief history of time by Stephen Hawking and The Elegant Universe by Brian Green. Have fun