It's Interesting

I always thought that this language is very interesting. When I see people using it, I often wish I could talk to them. I like tv programs where I can see someone who translates into this language. I don't need it for my job or in my life, but I love to learn new things. Especially other languages.
dreamygirl dreamygirl
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2007

I know sign language because I'm obviously deaf. :) I always think sign language is such a great interest. So does American Sign Language too. :) I know where you can learn American Sign Language (ASL) if you want. Just send message to me if you want. :)

I know sign language. Not because I wanted to learn it. But, because I HAD to. My parents are deaf...and so is half my family. I actually learned how to sign before I could talk. I really think more people should learn it. I love talking to my brother, or my parent's friend's kid, in restaurants and stuff in sign language, so that no one around us knows what we're talking about. It also is quite useful when its too loud to hear...IE, concerts. ;]

i like sign language, i think they should have it as an option in school along with french and spanish and german and stuff cos visual learners will find sign language alot easier to learn than things like french. i wasnt very good at french and stuff cos i could barely spell and read in english language no matter about other languages so when i went to college i took sign language and i found it alot easier than what i did with languages in school, so i think it should be offered, its something that can be used in this contry, so you wouldnt be spending time learning a language you may never use if you dont abroad, cos your alot more likely to come across a death person than you are a foreign person.