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I don't care what you have to share with me but tell me anything interesting that you think I should know! I love learning new stuff and with the help of this story/group I may just achieve learning something new everyday!

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Das ist sehr gut=that is very good

Derry City Football club play in the League of Ireland (Republic of Irelands main football league) despite being located in Northern Ireland.

German ... reminds me of Rammstein.

By the way,

du hast miesh - you have me.

Mir ist kalt - I am cold.

(from rammstien songs)

Yeah thats what I got taught lol!!!

Ahh I wasn't sure how to spell it because I don't have that thing on my keyboard - whats it called? I think it's "sh.... s" lol, I can't spell it!!

I haven't got oumlouttes either (I know I just spelt that wrong too lol)

Meh? I don't understand - maybe if you say it a little slower!

Someone once told me how to say You are an a-hole lol but I can say it just not spell it!!!

Wie heist du? (did I say that right?)

Mein nama ist Hazel (how bout that?)

LOL you can tell I never paid attention right?

Thank you!!

I knew some of it from school but not much, I think I can count to 20 though :)