Water Tai Chi

I've been doing Tai Chi for a few months now, but at my local aquatics center.  The instructor once said to everyone not to focus on her, the water or on the surroundings. I didn't realize it until that point, I totally zone out while in that class. I guess that's the point.


It's really realxing in the water, I'd love to try it at home. I'm sure it will have the same calming effects on land as it does in water.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

I never thought of doing Tai Chi in water. Because there is resistance perhaps greater than your internal resistance. <br />
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As I progressed in Tai Chi practice, I found my progress impeded by my internal resistance. Read internal resistance as lack of fluidity. I was only aware of my internal resistance as I passes through it.<br />
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I will think about Tai Chi in water a bit more.