Beautiful Ladies

I love how the ladies are playful and classy while entertaining the crowd. Very different then stripping. I think its so beautiful and sensual. I sometimes like watching Dita Von Teese and other burlesque dancers perform on Youtube. I've actually seen live shows too and marvel at the ladies elegance on stage. Makes me wana get up there and dance with them. LOL

I actually have taken a couple of classes...and want to take some more eventually. It's really fun and makes me feel sexy.
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1 Response Feb 12, 2013

Ok have you finish your belly dance class? I like burlesque, but I've never seen one live. I want to learn tango. have you seen Tango Fire? I saw one of their show @YouTube and it blow up my mind. So beautiful!!!

Yeah the belly dance classes I took are over. I like taking different dance classes. My Flashmob dance groups keeps me busy dancing. Mostly hip hop, and pop. I have been taking Zumba as a workout. No I haven't taken's a beautiful dance though. I just like to keep moving and dancing. The dancing girl on your avie is a beautiful pic btw :)