Driving Can Open Doors

I think it's never to late and tho' I'm 58 i think i might be able to learn to drive, for me the problem would be the theoretic part as I live in Spain so it could be doubly complicated but as have lived here since 1989 my spanish is obviously good enough - anyhow today saw new driving class establishment near my home and thought, "hmmm.  it might be costly as most people fail , yes even the spaniards, the theoretical part 2 or 3 times!!! but it wouldn't be impossible - see in the past when I lived in Scotland I took a few driving lessons but had to give it up - to do with job change........he said I managed it very well but I knew my big problem was not getting the co-ordination bit right, but my changing of gears was smooth and it was just I'd get panicky about  the spatial element, understand me??? I mean looking out the mirrors and not quite being able to visualise the distance-thing properly - well that was the bad part but I often wish I could just get a small peugot automatic and diesel and therefore I would try and get a job as an estate-agent which people (friends from Scotland) tell me I'd be good at..............oh well, who knows but right now with me domestic crisis red-hot and my nerves on edge and my confidence slightly crushed -------- we'll see.  But I just know what my husband will say , and my son!!  they underestimate me in my opinion what do you think folks??

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I'm with you about the idea that it's "never too late"! <br />
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I come from a family of non-drivers. My dad never got beyond having a few lessons and had to stop because he was way too nervous to the point of being a liability in a vehicle! My mum was extremely nervous about driving too (not helped by the fact that she'd lost both her father and brother in separate road accidents). So when I was a kid we didn't have a family car, but it didn't matter too much then as we lived in London so it was easier to get about by public transport anyway. <br />
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We relocated to Dorset after my dad died, and my mum realised that she had to learn to drive - especially because she was looking after my grandmother 24/7 and it had become an absolute neccessity to have a car. So, after overcoming some of her fears, and with a huge amount of determination, my mum finally passed her test on her 4th attempt. She too had problems with co-ordination when changing gears, so had switched to learning on an automatic. She was always a bit of a nervous driver, but she did it, and she was 50 years old! It was wonderful for her to have the extra freedom that car driving brings - later, after she lost her mother, it enabled her to get out and about and have a bit of a social life herself at last. And of course it was great for me, as a teenager, to have a free taxi service!!<br />
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I hope my mum's story helps to inspire you in some way. Don't let your husband and son underestimate you - show them what you're made of!!<br />
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Now I just have to give myself the same advice - I've been procrastinating over the driving issue for years, and I really need to do it now for my mum's sake as life has come full circle - she is now elderly and requires a lot of help from me. I am absolutely terrified of the thought of driving. I can't imagine how I'll ever be able to do it, and notice everything on the road at once- signs, lights, other vehicles, hazards, etc. But then I am also really excited by the idea of being able to go any place I like, of being more independent of my husband, of taking my daughter places, and mostly being able to do much more for my mum. <br />
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I have taken the first step, which is getting my photo and application form together to send off for my provisional license (I have even stopped myself from just doing that before, to stall for time!). I have already paid for it online to make me more likely to actually send the form off! Also I have not told my family that I am doing this - I want to keep it a secret for as long as possible so that hopefully I can one day give them a big surprise :) I feel sad and stupid for putting it off for so long - I am nearly 37.<br />
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Good luck to all of you who have been struggling with this too! I hope that everyone here can conquer their fears and get on the road!

I'm sorry to hear that your confidence is slightly crushed. I have low confidence to learn how to drive too. I wish I had more people around to push me, give me encouragement. The only person I have to teach me rite now is my fiance, & he is extremely impatient although he is in denial about it. Plus I'm sort of lazy about it. I think your rite that you are never too late to start. So good luck to you!