Live In the Present

I want to live in the NOW.  I am struggling replaying things in my mind.  It is driving me insane.

I have been working on this but for some reason I am stuck.

Does anyone have any advice

betrayalrus betrayalrus
36-40, F
2 Responses Jun 19, 2008

trust me our mind is a complicated thing, i have the same problem its like u dont want to think about it but it replays. what i do is everytime i starts to replay i remind my self by saying i am not going to dwell let go, it does help but it becomes a constant struggle

I don't know if there is any quick fix to letting go. I've wondered about that during times of my losses, so I have endless empathy for anyone else who goes through it.<br />
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While it might sound like pure blather, I guess the old ex<x>pression 'time heals all wounds' applies as well as anything. I've also found that time wounds all heels, too.<br />
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Time does offer a perspective that one can only see from the distance that it offers. Take heart in that. It doesn't help today's pain, but someday it might.