Experienced, But Always Learning

I know how to play piano by ear and have done so for several years, but I never stop learning. For one, I have an unorthodoxed playing style with improper fingering. I'm trying to learn correct fingering and theory. Most people don't take me seriously when I tell them I still have much to learn. I play professionally by ear, but I always look for new things to learn. I also don't mind sharing what I have with others. My wife recently persuaded me to share the techniques I have with others even though my techniques are not typical or always proper. Check out my website if you are interested in learning the techniques I use. You can click the link below and just click on 'Register Now' to sign up for free. I kind of made it like a social network where you can contact other members interested in learning piano...from beginner to advanced:


Be Blessed!

MusicManDre MusicManDre
Jan 31, 2009