I Wish.

My grandfather was a stud when it came to playing the violin..I have tried but can't learn...I have poor hand-eye coordination and justify my inability to learn solemnly on this. I know it's not legitimate since technically your supposed to memorize all the strings etc., but still, I like having excuses for my lack of talent.
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4 Responses May 25, 2010

aaww well i'm sure you'll learn it quick enough i cant even make a sound come from it if that helps.......it makes a got weapon though

My brother is so much better than me, but he doesn't like playing..I get so jealous of that punk..I wish I was talented :/ lmao

wow this is weird ...i just started wanting to learn it and just got my first one in the mail this morning ........ and i have no idea how to make any sound come from the bloody thing at all

I play piano and guitar. I learned piano when I was very young and I was something of a savant. I didn't take up guitar until I was in my teens and I had difficulty memorizing all the notes just as you do with violin. But one day I realized that since every note is a color all I had to do was look at the colors corresponding to each string and learn the overall colorpattern. Now insted of using like a hundred blocks of memory to remember all the notes, I just have to use one block of memory. It's really convienient. You should try it.