Wish I Could...

Its a fantasy I have to play the violin music I love so much...I already have songs I want to play listed in my head...the only problem is..I dont know how to play :

No violin teachers I know of around here. And with work and college, I can't find the time I need to learn it..mostly I just feel like I can't do it. It requires patience and grace, and I've got neither hehe...
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3 Responses Sep 4, 2010

I wanna learn how to play too, and the more time passes the more I am wanting to play as well. Hopefully if all goes well financially, i can buy a violin maybe this fall or sometime.

There are 4 strings E, A, D & G when looking at them with your chin on the chin rest. Easy way to remember is think of it as mispelled edge. From there the notes are alphabetical A-G depending upon what the first letter of the string is when you hold your finger on it. Start there and practice the finger sequence.

Thanks. I am going to accomplish that dream someday. The harder it is, hopefully the result then might be even better right. hehe.