I Want To Try Learning How To Play Again.

I used to play violin a year ago, it was for fun mostly just because I figured I need to have some kind of hobby to feel proud of. But I really enjoyed the times I spent running around town just to go to violin lessons and showing off in front of others what new songs I had learned.

The reason why I stopped was because my left hand's fingers are kind of weak because I don't do enough with them, and it hurt after playing for not even a half an hour. But I think that if I try again I won't push myself to play for long periods of time and just a little bit at a time over the week daily.

I hope to get back into lessons again after I redo the things I was taught long ago that I remember. Wish me luck guys! :)
Yuusha Yuusha
18-21, M
Mar 19, 2012