I Am In Love!

I'm trained as a classical pianist and love the piano but I've also always had a longing to play the violin. The violin has a soulful quality that I've yet to find in any other instrument. I tried learning to play the violin when I was 12 but due to various school examinations that I had to prepare for as well as a lack of encouragement from my piano teacher (she was EVIL), I dropped the violin classes.

Now at the age of 32, the longing returned as strong as ever and I decided, well, better late than never. So I bought myself a violin, got in touch with a violin teacher and I am now learning to play the instrument again. People, I am in love with the violin! Yes, my chin is sore and my arms ache like crazy after every lesson (now you know how much exercise I usually get) but I have never been happier. When I play the violin, I feel like a whole different person. It's like my body resonates with the sound and nothing in the world could be better. I'm not a super violinist now...I just learned to play D major and am as happy as a lark about that but I'm happy I chased my dream. David Garrett, here I come! ;)
skullbunny skullbunny
May 18, 2012