I've Always Idolized Those Who Could Play the Violin

I find the instrument beautiful and the music it makes enchanting. I thought outloud that I would like to learn to play the violin and was told it was pointless because to be a great or decent violinist I needed to start very, very young. One of my dreams was easily nearly shattered.. But if I get the chance I will try.

Marowit Marowit
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 3, 2009

Try it! My violin teacher has students who are in their 60's! Tell them that they're too old :P

you don't need to start young to be a good violinist it's like learning a language it's easier when your young but it's still possible to learn when you are older

If it will make you happy, give it a go...:)

dont let anyone tell you you cant :)