I would love to learn to dance, but as a guy, I'm expected to follow the stereotype: I am a stupid, shallow person with no emotional maturity, and that makes me really sad.
theonirvana theonirvana
18-21, M
1 Response May 30, 2007

that's alright we can dance together, because as a woman i am supposed to follow the stereotype that i am weak, eager to please, submissive and can do nothing for myself. tell ya what, you can do crayon drawings while i scream like a damsel in distress- some one will teach us to dance then (or kick us out of the studio).... :)<br />
what i'm getting at is if you want to learn how to dance there should be no opinion another can formulate that can keep you down. you can buy instructional videos for this purpose if you don't want to go into public. either way "wow them all!" i know you can :)